Flux 22/23 SR Binding - Team


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For a stylish turn

With a base plate that you can step on firmly and a flexible highback, you can do whatever you want from powder to carving.



The constriction in the center creates a flex in the upper part, eliminating the burden on the boots and ankles.

Super Tough Nylon Soft

A soft flex material with a high degree of freedom that allows you to slide more stylishly.

-Micro Adjuster

Finer highback setting is possible.



Lightweight and direct response that reliably conveys power to the impact point.

-Performance Blend

Medium flex that can be used most all-round. Compatible with all riding scene.

-Toolless Lever

The best setting is possible without tools. With a stopper to prevent loosening of screws.

-Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion

Movable cushion that can be adjusted according to the boot size and board width.


Uses a material that does not easily get snow even in hard conditions. While enjoying the direct feeling of the sole, it also has the cushioning required for riding.


-Waffle Strap

A two-layer structure consisting of a waffle cushion that is comfortable to hold and easy to move so that you will forget that you are wearing it, and a Power Strap that directly transmits power.

-Beer Buckle

Newly designed ratchet buckle. With a bottle opener function that does not bother you when toasting.

-F.T.M VER.5.0

In order to increase the power transfer, the center line has been strengthened, and the upper and lower ends have increased flexibility to improve the fit with the boots.


The belt can be stored smoothly.

-UU Fit

The strap system that wrap from 360°realizes a natural hold feeling and uniform pressure.

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