eS Silo x Tribo - Black/White/Red


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The mash-up collection usually starts with a few beers, and several “what ifs”. What if we took the silo upper and put the tribo sole on it? What if we took the iconic Silo and put the classic Tribo sole on it? What if we did two color packs in iconic éS colorways? As the beer, tequila and whiskey shots kick in and our product designer gets escorted out the door for verbally assaulting a pool cue, I noticed a napkin fall to the ground right before he’s thrown into the back seat of the police car. luckily the ideas for the mash up are neatly sketched on the napkin and the designs all became reality.

  • Thermothane upper reinforcement
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • System o2 airbag
  • 400nbs rubber outsole
  • Molded eva foam insole

Shoe sizes are based on Men's size

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