Yes 2015 The Basic Snowboard


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Evolving over the past 5 years, The Basic has become anything but basic. It changes with the sport and seeks to provide freedom of expression in as many situations as the hill can throw at it. Always a true twin with full tip to tail woodcore construction, it reflects the roots of our founders. And rather than save our latest technology for the high-end and then trickle it down, we place it right where the masses can experience it first.

Introducing the Underbite. By stepping the outline in under the bindings (rather than out), it disrupts the surface area that has contact with the snow while the board is on edge. Without any extra rider effort, this disruption effectively increases edge pressure on the areas where you need it most, helping to initiate and hold your turn The effect is stable edge control and a very confident, enhanced arc in your turn with no drag.

  • SHAPE: True Twin w UnderBite
  • BASE PROFILE: Camrock
  • OUTLINE: Radial w/ UnderBite edges
  • CORE: Poplar w/ Impact Blocks
  • GLASS: Biax top and bottom
  • BASE: Die-cut Extruded 4400

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