Flux 2015 DM Snoardboard Bindings


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Flux DM Snowboard Bindings 2015

Are you ready to rock? The DM is. Get in, strap in, shut up and point it. The DM will take you to the danger zone and back without skipping a beat. As the stiffest binding in the Flux lineup, this monster is not for the faint of heart, but the ultimate free rider looking to charge off the beaten path.

The DM features upgraded materials to get the ultimate performance. The Ultima Freeride Highback is built with super tough nylon plus, extra support for those times when you actually do use the highback. There is also a minimal forward lean adjuster to keep you on your toes if needed. The base is a nylon and carbon blend that also has titanium hardware to keep it light but solid. The Hybrid footbed will custom cant itself with its dual density EVA to allow rider specific canting as well as deck sensors to enhance leverage for presses and landings. Absolute Fit Freeride straps are guaranteed to fit with the UU system that applies pressure all around the boot and new FTM Versa toe straps will make sure you can get the right fit no matter where you need to put it. Get ready to destroy the mountain with the Flux DM.
  • BASEPLATE: Ultima Base with Super Carbon Blend, Hybrid Footbed, Custom Stabilizers, adjustable toe and heel cushion and Titanium Screws
  • HIGHBACK: Ultima Freeride Highback with super tough nylon plus, hybrid cushion and minimum forward lean adjuster
  • STRAPS: New Absolute Fit Freeride Strap and FTM Versa toe strap.
  • BUCKLES: Alpha Ratchet buckles with the L-guide system
  • STIFFNESS: 5/5 (Stiffest)

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