Creature Battalion SM VX Deck 8.25


$ 67.99
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Behold the new 'Battalion' VX series in 3 classic Creature sizes - 8.25, 8.6 and 8.8! Each VX deck is constructed with 5-plys of hard rock North American Maple and reinforced by two layers of Quad X Technology material on either side. Making these decks lighter, stronger, and best of all, a longer-lasting pop. Sound tech? Well, 'cause it kind of is. We are proud to exploit our resources in the name of skateboarding science to help further your Shredding. Jump on a Creature "Battalion" Deck today and see for yourself why VX is "The best skateboard deck you will ever ride." Art by Andrei Bouzikov


32.04 in
8.25 in

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