2016 Bataleon Whatever Snowboard


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What's it good for? Whatever. Where you can ride it? Whatever. What kind of snow does it prefer? Whatever. Is the world ending? Whatever. Wait, forget the last one. This board really doesn't need a description because it's truly capable of whatever. Its medium flex, juiced up Core Core, bi-ax fiberglass and All Mountain 3BT shaping will please even the crustiest rider. The Twin outline and added length in the nose make it just as comfortable from park to off-piste. Ride it whenever and however you please.


Dual density full wood core composed of poplar with beech running tip to tail along the insert packs. The added beech hardwood strengthens the board’s backbone under the bindings and produces more pop from tip to tail while still offering a comfortable lateral flex.


Not your cheap, run-of-the-mill extruded base. We the highest quality extruded base money can buy with the highest molecular content. Our extruded bases are durable, fast, simple to repair and require little to no waxing to keep them gliding. We finish it with a proper hot wax before they leave the factory.


Our bi-axial or two-way fiberglass is a 90-degree weave of fiberglasses placed under and atop the core to strengthen and add pop to the board. We place our material at a 45-degree angle rather than a 90-degree angle to the edge so you get better overall board feel, flex and edging. Our bi-ax layups create a really maneuverable board, one that you can almost steer with your feet.

Extra layup

Kevlar can stop a speeding bullet and it can also make your snowboard lighter and snappier in a simular way as carbon does. By placing Kevlar stringers in key areas of the board we can control the way a board flexes and responds to pressure

Triple Base Shape

Full Length

Our all mountain freestyle shapes are the most versatile boards in the line. Their twin-ish shapes, more aggressive camber profile, medium centerbase width, and longer contact length between the feet produce a powerful ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float.
  • Nose is 1cm longer than tail
  • Even center to sidebase ratio

Freestyle 3BT also featured on: Flyer, The Jam, Fun Kink, Goliath+, Feel Better, Push Up

Outline shape

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